Melanie Dialogue Consulting provides bespoke dispute resolution services for companies, organisations and individuals seeking alternatives paths for resolving conflicts and stalled relationships.  Drawing on expertise developed working in some of the world's most intractable conflict situations, we specialise in conflicts with a cross-cultural dimension and unravelling complex disputes so that they can be managed and resolved.

Dr Melanie  Garson
Founder & Director

Melanie is an experienced negotiator, facilitator, lawyer and accredited mediator. Alongside her work in dialogue consulting, she is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Political Science at University College London, teaching courses in International Negotiation, International Conflict Resolution, Governing Divided Societies, and the Future of Conflict in the Digital Age. 

From working in guest relations at an international hotel, facilitating dialogue meetings between Israelis and Palestinians, to acting for clients in mediation and negotiation in international commercial disputes, Melanie has a passion for helping people navigate difficult conversations and disputes. Speaking a number of languages and having worked in several countries, Melanie's global expertise allows her to provide invaluable insights into resolving cross-cultural conflicts and preserving critical international relationships.

Melanie weaves together the best and current practices from political and commercial negotiation, practical mediation, social psychology of conflict to provide innovative and creative perspectives to dispute resolution. 

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