Mediation is a quick, inexpensive and confidential process that allows you to find solutions to your dispute whilst preserving relationships and reputations.  It allows you to build a solution suited to your needs rather than risk the uncertainties of an imposed potentially damaging legal ruling. In mediation, we assist you in exploring creative options to resolve the substance of the dispute and preserve the possiblity of a working relationship. Mediation can be especially effective in cross-jurisdictional disputes, avoiding the challenges of dealing with foreign law courts.

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Managing Difficult Conversations

If find yourself drawn into a spiral of unproductive or difficult interactions that are eroding the trust within your working relationships, we can provide a range of services to help you transform the negative dynamics before it results in a legal dispute.  Whether it is a research agreement, familial dispute, or international partnerships, we can facilitate conversations, or provide strategic advice as to conversation management to help you quickly restore lines of effective communication and your relationship.

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Bespoke Education & Training Programmes

We have designed and run practical simulations and seminars to teach a range of negotiation and mediation skills.  With extensive experience teaching students from across the globe as well as a range of professionals, we can design bespoke programmes with expert practitioner/educators to help train your teams in key skills to help them reach their full potential as negotiators in the international arena.  

We also provide strategic negotiation and mediation advocacy services for individuals and businesses seeking guidance as to how manage the process to their advantage.  We will provide a holistic assessment of the dispute, recommendations as to optimal strategies, and practice simulations to help you prepare for success.

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Political Risk & Security Advisory Services

At Melanie Dialogue Consulting we have an in-depth understanding of geo-politics, international conflict dynamics, and post-war development that can impact negotiation and communication in international ventures.  We can provide strategic guidance to assist in navigating these risks and ensuring clear communication with current or potential partners.